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What is a Media Kit?

What is a Media Kit:

A resource created by a publisher to help prospective ad buyers evaluate advertising opportunities. -via Marketing Terms Website

A media kit is also used in the opposite terms.  A prospective ad buyer might have a media that tells about their company.  They would use this kit when reaching out to publishers in the hopes of scoring free editorial content on that media’s website (or in their print publications).

What Should Be in a Media Kit:

Media kits often contain information about rates, ad sizes and formats, targeting options, audience profiles, case studies, contact information, plus anything else that helps buyers make informed decisions. There are no static rules, and media kits vary greatly. However, they all share a common goal; to give prospective advertising buyers every reason and opportunity to make contact. -via Marketing Terms Website

I offer two different size media kits and each has their own goal, consequently each has their own information.  The full kit has everything ad buyers and PR could possibly need to know about you, your site, and your many advertising options.  The Quick Sheet has your most important information on one sheet – perfect for email!  I also offer Business Card design.

Why Do I Need a Media Kit?

Every PR rep or marketing company I have worked with has asked for a media kit with my advertising rates, traffic statistics, and, if available, my demographics. Your media kit is the document you can send to PR and marketing reps, potential advertisers or vendors, and anyone else who may be interested in working with you. It’s your opportunity to tell people why they should work with you. -via BlogHer

If you want to be a professional blogger, you need the tools to back that up.  Personally, when I just sent emails I got more “No’s” than “Yes’s” but, when I began sending a media kit to companies, I began seeing:

  • more (and better) product reviews
  • more sponsored posts
  • more advertisings